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110719 Shinsadong, “My best small success, BEAST’s ‘Fiction’”[Interview③] 

QUOTEA hit maker with his own name, Shinsadong Tiger thinks that their ‘success’ is different from the usual criteria.

Shinsadong meets with the reporter and said confidently that BEAST’s ‘Fiction’ is one of their small but great success. At the same time, ‘Fiction’ is shown by BEAST with faithful B2UTY, with a unique and clear style showing a different side to the song.

Shinsadong explained “Throughout since their debut, I thought BEAST needed a change. I helped how the album looked melodically and I wanted to put the unique ability of a vocal so that it fits the song nicely, like how I wanted it to be “. In fact, the success of the song to be placed as first place was not the real intention of Shinsadong.

“Honestly, I got the sound inspiration on the first day while sitting in front of the monitor, checking the positions of the charts and it is a lie if i said that it is not a burden to make it to number 1. Then the following came as song guidelines whether will it be there or not.”

‘Fiction’ really did succeed in showing a different image of BEAST from this song. Through ‘Fiction’, it is true that BEAST gains more popularity as it really reaches through many layers of interest of enthusiasts.

Shinsadong also has plans to work with BEAST more in the future. “Beast are not without their songs but to make their songs twice as hit, I will take in as their producer. But now at the moment, this BEAST team and the members is a pleasure to work with. There is no reason to change their enjoyment and money.”

At the meantime, BEAST is currently embarking on their Asian tour fanmeeting. They’ve shown great success recently in Malaysia and Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and followed by China.

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BEAST’s hit song ‘Fiction’ has recently made it to the TOP 100 on the online clip charts of German music channel VIVA. To be precise, they placed 63rd on the chart, beating out artists like Enrique Iglesias and Shakira.

The chart is updated every Friday, displaying 100 most seen music videos on VIVA.tv in the past week. German fans discovered numerous KPop videos on their website about three days before this week’s charts announcement and got together to push a certain video. ‘Fiction’ managed to get 7,000 views within only 3 days.
Seeing the results, German fans are now trying to push another video, which is 2NE1’s I Am The Best. It looks good so far, the video already has 10,000 views after only one day of ‘pushing.’ It’s an exciting matter as VIVA will show the TOP 20 on TV every week.
It seems the Hallyu wave is starting to hit Germany, as German magazine Popcorn also introduces KPop in August. (8/17 issue)..

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Fans impressed with Yoseob’s consideration for fans after tripping incident in Malaysia

BEAST’s Yoseob recently tweeted a message of reassurance to his fans in Malaysia after a recent small tripping incident at the Kuala Lumpur Airport .
On July 24th, BEAST successfully performed at the ‘MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011′event at the i-City Alam Shah in Malaysia, where they amazed over 15,000 fans with their hit tracks, Shock, Soom, Beautiful, and On Rainy Days.
The next day, the boys headed straight to the Kuala Lumpur Airport to catch their flight back to Korea. Amidst the chaotic crowd of fans, however, Yoseob managed to accidentally trip while walking back towards their terminal, causing him to drop all of his luggage onto the floor.
Shortly afterwards, Yoseob tweeted, “Ack! So embarrassing. I was so embarrassed before that I rushed out and didn’t get to say bye. To anyone who fell over from getting pushed, are you okay? I’m sorry.”
“Tripping over at the Malaysia Airport was 100% my fault. I’m more sorry to the fans who were shouting ‘Yoseob, I’m sorry’ to me. Anyway, I’m completely fine, so don’t worry.”
Fans were greatly moved by Yoseob’s consideration, and left comments such as, “This is why I’m a fan of Yang Yoseob”, “It’s touching to see his love for his fans”, and “Please don’t trip over in the future”.
Here’s the link of Yoseob’s small incident at KLIA airport…
(video credit by MyHuntressKpop on youtube)
Source: TV Report via DaumRe-up: allkpop
Photo: lovesomeys@twitter

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