Sunday, November 13, 2011

[NEWS] Cube Entertainment to release ‘United Cube’ album in Australia

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Cube Entertainment has just informed allkpop that a ‘United Cube’ album will be released in Australia!

This international version of the album will be sold in various record stores across six major cities, starting on November 11th.

Although the album has been available for download on iTunes Australia, Cube has decided to offer Australian fans an easier way to get their hands on a physical copy of the album.

‘United Cube’ album contains a compilation of 17 hit tracks from 4minuteB2ST, and G.NA, such as “Hot Issue”, “Muzik”, “Mirror Mirror”, “Shock”, “Breath”, “Fiction”, “Black and White”, “Top Girl”, “Change”, “Bubble Pop”, and more. ‘UCube’s “Fly So High’, which is currently not available for download on iTunes, will also be included.

A representative of Universal Music Australia stated, “In Australia, the level of affection and interest in K-Pop has spread beyond the Asian community and is rapidly spreading among Australian residents. Various media outlets are currently carefully monitoring this new movement… With the strategic partnership between Universal Music and Cube Entertainment, we are very happy to be able to provide the album of the charismatic Cube artists for the first time in the history of Korean-Australian music business.”

In addition, the record shop within the famous World Square in Sydney, will be opening a section in the store specially dedicated to K-Pop.

With Australia as its start, Cube Entertainment plans to release the album in other parts of the world like South America and Europe.

In related news, ‘United Cube Concert’ will be held on December 5th in London, England and on December 13th in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Credit to Allkpop

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