Thursday, March 15, 2012

[FANACCOUNT] 120315 BEAST @ Vietnam Korea Festival

Okayyy so I’m back from the 2012 Vietnam Korea Festival :D I only went to the concert, as I didn’t get the chance to follow them from the airport and at the hotel, so I am gonna talk about the performances only

This is my FIRST time meeting Kpop idols, and I am sooo glad that BEAST was the first artists ever that I met, since they opened the show (I think that’s a little bit silly though since they are so popular and should have been a little bit later on the list). I was a bit disappointed as BEAST didn’t get the introduction before they performed, as the show started straight away with Fiction. Fiction performance was NEARLY PERFECT (it would be perfect with Kikwang there :( Im sad he didn’t come) and the fans’ reaction was EXPLOSIVE! This is the 2nd most popular BEAST song here after all (the first is On Rainy Days I bet). Even though I think more than half of the crowd were ELFs, everyone was pumped up, chanted and sang along. The boys sang live REALLY REALLY WELL I must say. I am beyond impressed. However, there were not so many interactions with fans during Fiction, which is understandable to me though, as it’s a serious song after all

Fiction performance went out smoothly, then came a short talk with BEAST only on stage. The next performance was Shock. Well that performance was HOT, and everyone sang as well. That was really easy to sing along so I sang till my voice became hoarse =)) However, there were some technical problems going on that messed up the performance’s ending a little bit. The boys seemed quite confused, especially Hyunseung, because it was mostly during his part. However they were really professional as they still performed till the end without stopping mid-way. Fans and even non-fans shouted It’s OK in Korean, and Doojoon seemed to ask us in a joking manner about that problem. They handled the situation handsomely as they joked around and asked fans if they wanted to hear SHOCK again. Of course everyone EXPLODED with YESSSS and encouraging applauses. The 2nd SHOCK performance was perfect fortunately :D

Lastly was Beautiful performance. We all expected BEAST to perform it with a Vietnamese singer (A MALE ONE) who usually dresses up as girl (LOL), according to a rumour before the concert. However, it was just BEAST. This performance was even more fun than the previous two, as they danced around happily, played with each other and interacted with fans. The boys were really cute as they kept waving at fans and making heart signs. I was so happy ahhhhhhhh. Doojoon even said I Love You to us hahahaha. He’s so awesome. My friends that sat in the front said that Dongwoon, Yoseob and Hyunseung smiled at them a lot too. They’re so lucky :D

Since BEAST opened the show, I had to wait a long time before I got to see them again during the encore. I was worried at first as some groups like MBLAQ and CN Blue left immediately, and I thought BEAST would be like them, but luckily the boys stayed until the end. The encore was a bit chaotic as fans rushed to the front to watch the idols for the last time, and I got to move to the area very very near to the stage haha. BEAST and others performed Heal The World (only Yoseob sang for BEAST though). I was standing right in front of Hyunseung ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. He looked a little bit blank at first, but as soon as Shindong of Suju went up to him and said something, his expression became brighter immediately, and he laughed a lot from that point. I cried so hard seeing him like that. I have to say I totally made a fool of myself today haha. I was crying so badly, screaming OH MY GODDD OH MY GOOODDD HYUNSEUNG AHHHHHHH’; and the people around me were like WTF why you no speak Vietnamese =)))) I waved at Hyunseung and Dongwoon like CRAZY, while crying like that. Dongwoon did not catch me because he were waving to the other side, but Hyunseung DID WAVE AT ME!!!!!!!!!!! His smile while waving was sooo warm and happy; it made me cry even more. I can’t believe that I actually met him, saw him on stage and got attention from him =)) My life is complete now.

Another interesting thing during the encore is that while most of the time, the other boys were busy waving to the fans (ESPECIALLY YOSEOB AND DOOJOON!!!), Hyunseung was just IMMERSED in his own world, dancing alone along to the song, just like he usually did. He’s so cute ahhhhh I love him so much.

The concert is over now, I still cannot believe that I actually went there. This experience makes me treasure BEAST even more. They’re such talented and professional artists, they were friendly to the fans as well. I hope to see them again in a possible Beautiful Show in Vietnam. <3 Boys Im so proud of you all :x:*
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